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Roseleaf's Founders

Florie G. Kuperman, R.N., the President and CEO, is an experienced BSN, RN who has worked extensively with the elderly. During her long experience as a registered nurse, she has worked in a variety of elder care settings, including skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation and acute hospitals, and as a case manager for a home health care agency.

Since 1998, she has successfully managed and operated all Roseleaf programs, and is a highly regarded member of the elder care community. She has been instructing and guiding new administrators on how to manage a successful program and is an involved and respected member the community advisory board.

She also currently serves as an active member of the Chico Museum Steering Committee, an organization that cultivates preservation of the past for future generations. Florie enjoys spending time with family, tending her garden and chickens, and travelling to new places.

image of Florie and David on their travels

David B. Kuperman, the Vice President and CFO, and prior to devoting himself full time to Roseleaf's programs and operations, worked with adults and children with Developmental Disabilities across a variety of settings, including as a Job Coach, Enclave Supervisor, Paraprofessional, Full Inclusion Specialist, and as a Special Day Class Teacher.

David has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, a Special Education Teaching Credential, and has obtained his Master's Degree in Administration and Leadership.

In this capacity, he has developed an array of skills and knowledge in positive behavioral management strategies and has supported Florie and the Roseleaf Team in designing customized care plans for our residents.

David has been a volunteer on the Sherwood Montessori School Board, enjoys playing a variety of sports, seeks to participate in outside activities of all kinds, is an avid reader, values time with his family, and the opportunity to travel.

Florie and David strongly advocate for seniors and support senior programs like the Golden Grill Luncheons at the Senior Center. They generously sponsor the Walk to End Alzheimer's in Chico and Yuba City annually and organize special events and fundraisers for various causes.

An image of our founders, Florie and David
David and Florie Kuperman

Our Mission

To provide superior care in a safe, comfortable, environment for the elderly men and women in our home. To ensure the best quality of life for our residents, we will provide an atmosphere that fosters independence, dignity, respect and happiness. Furthermore, we will always be sensitive to, and effective in, addressing the needs, wants, and expectations of the senior citizens and families we serve.

Roseleaf's History

David and Florie Kuperman began their enterprise in 1998. As with most ventures of this kind, it began as an idea that was merely to be explored. After several baby steps this idea became a sudden reality. The journey began as a single 6-bed facility located at 1911 Roseleaf Court in Chico. Through Florie's work as a home health case manager she encountered many of our elderly and their families whose needs could be more clearly met in a facility of this type, and who had expressed such sentiments to her. With a drive and energy that has become typical in everything she does, Florie went about the process of trying to meet those needs.

It was then, with some fear, but also a great deal of confidence, that, one summer nearly 20 years ago, the doors at 1911 Roseleaf Court opened to serve our elderly population. Florie's reputation as an accomplished and exceptional case manager for her home health clients made the filling of those 6 beds a realization very quickly. Florie, and her husband David, spent nearly every moment of every day that summer getting to know their residents, their colleagues in the field, and the community at large in an effort to establish the best and most responsive service possible for our residents and their families.

This labor, both daunting and exhausting in equal measure, proved to be successful, and in the following year, around Christmas time, they proceeded to open a second 6-bed facility located at 570 Vallombrosa Way. Once again, due to the need of our elderly, and as a result of Florie's tireless efforts to be diligent, conscientious, and provide an exceptional service, this facility, too, quickly filled its beds. It was a couple of years after that, in the spring and summer of 2002, that another move was planned and undertaken. It was realized that the services being provided could be improved by relocating to a new home, one in which elegance and function could be joined in such a way as to ensure a more comfortable, dignified, and peaceful environment for the residents and their families

To this end, in the spring of 2002, a new location was sought out, obtained, and modified for this purpose. It was chosen, and changed, in a manner that reflected what Florie believed a small facility in a residential setting could be, and should be, based on the experiences and knowledge she had gained over the prior 3 years. So it was that, in the summer of 2002, Roseleaf Care Home opened its doors at 4810 Songbird Lane. Over the course of the next couple of years a new idea began to take shape.

Florie realized that, while perfect for some, a small residential based facility did not always meet the needs of the larger elderly population and that the functional limitations imposed by a single family residence, in terms of the logistics of providing care, could not always be overcome. At the same time, she recognized that the home-like feeling and intimacy of that environment, and its associated importance in terms of the peace, tranquility and emotional comfort that it can provide during such difficult times, was invaluable.

Image of the Roseleaf Oroville community
Roseleaf Senior Care in Chico, CA

With these two fundamental notions of form and function in place, and the confidence inspired by her knowledge and experience, Florie proceeded with her usual zeal in the latter part of 2004 to try and create a setting where the two forces could combine in a smooth and harmonious way. From a plot of overgrown and unused land, the building and dream was created, and began to provide its services in August of 2006. In its every detail this endeavor has attempted to marry the ideas of purpose and functionality from which it was borne and, to a great extent, as is displayed before us, it has succeeded in that mission.

Roseleaf’s growth did not end there, however. With the ever increasing need for specialized and memory care solutions that has occurred in the past 10+ years, we felt that it was time to broaden our program options by acquiring and introducing a new program that could offer a different type of environment. Specifically, we began our search for an environment in which those needing more space to freely move and navigate, and those wanting a more active lifestyle, where socialization and life enrichment, and recreational activities would be a focal point, could thrive. It was with great enthusiasm, then, that, in July 2012, Roseleaf Gardens was opened at 2770 Sierra Ladera Lane in Chico.

With thoughtful programming and intensive renovations, Roseleaf Gardens continued the tradition, begun so long ago, of providing dynamic and therapeutic senior living and memory care solutions for seniors within our community. Most recently, in June 2016, Roseleaf was able to add another facility in Oroville. Our acquisition of what is now called Roseleaf Oroville, previously known as Larkspur Lodge, has allowed us the ability to expand our programming and services to our neighboring city of Oroville, California.

Image of the Roseleaf Oroville community
Roseleaf Oroville @ Larkspur Lodge

This location, locally owned since its inception, has been offering exceptional services for members of our community for over 15 years. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to add this wonderful new location to the Roseleaf family, and have been excited to see its continued evolution into a service and environment that furthers the tradition of excellence and quality that defines a Roseleaf program.

The effort to continually improve our programming and environments has continued at Roseleaf to this day. In 2016, Roseleaf Gardens began another phase of innovation and development that embraces a philosophy and approach to services and care that represents the continuation, and culmination, of what we have have been working towards in our ongoing efforts to provide the best that Assisted Living with Memory Care has to offer.

Image of the Roseleaf Gardens in Chico California
Roseleaf Gardens in Chico, CA

Our soon to be introduced, Dementia Village inspired approach, has been tied to both physical plant improvements, and programming changes, that are designed to enhance our resident’s freedom of movement, freedom of choice, and which will allow them to consistently enjoy more meaningful life experiences throughout their stay at Roseleaf.

For example, we are introducing a new Main Tower Entrance, Garden Lounge and Bistro, new finishes throughout, upgrades to existing spaces that accentuate the themed and purposed use of our spaces, and a refined approach to programming that builds upon those concepts outlined above, which most enhance the quality of life experienced by our residents, and which also provide the best experience possible for our families and community at large.

The concepts, practices, and approaches that underpin our Dementia Village inspired movement represent what research and experience have taught us to be best practices, so rest assured that, in our ongoing efforts to provide the best Assisted Living with Memory Care settings possible, this new paradigm will be embraced across all of our Roseleaf communities. Roseleaf continues, as always, with one goal in mind... to provide the best service and support possible for senior citizens, and their families, both in Chico and beyond.

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