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Roseleaf Memories

Check it out! Roseleaf Gardens was undergoing a facelift at the time, but that didn't stop the activities department from having loads of fun! Here at Roseleaf we start every morning with a good work out to help get those muscles moving and that blood flowing. Check out this and other adventures below!

residents getting their exercise on!

Working out with pool Noodles

Exercising in the Bistro

Special Delivery for our buddy

Our Cinco De Mayo Parties are no joke! It was a full house and a tight squeeze. But guess what? We liked it.. everyone did! The kids were dressed up in beautiful colors and the ladies danced their hearts out for the folks and all our guests. Great memories on this day.

Little kids dancing in the Balet Folklorico

Dancing for our Cinco De Mayo party

Music Therapy would have to be one of the most fun and exciting things that folks around here look forward to. We also have some of the best teachers who know just how to get our friends motivated and engaged in class.

working on hand and eye coordination with music

Resident Marilyn waiting for the fun to begin!

drummin' out in music therapy!

Grovin' with the shakers

Brain Games and Puzzles in the Bistro! Keeping the mind active around here is a priority.

brain games are always fun in the Bistro!

residents playing a good game of checkers

keeping the mind active with puzzles

residents playing word games in the bisto

Family Time is of the upmost importance to us so we try our hardest to plan family events like, picnics, BBQ's, holiday events and more. Below you will find pictures of friends and family coming together to enjoy some of these yearly events.

visiting with family during a family BBQ at Roseleaf Senior Care

family pictures are always fun at the Roseleaf Communities

picture of a baby goat at our miniature zoo party

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